Easter Sunday:
Encountering the Risen Jesus
Beth Graham | 4-12-2020

There is no day in the church calendar like Easter Sunday! And even though we are apart, we are joined together with a message that never changes: Jesus died, was buried, and was raised again on the third day. It is the crux of our faith and what gives us hope that we will also rise with Him! Be reminded this week how the Risen Jesus comes to you and me, just as we are, and calls us to follow Him.

The Season of Lent:
God’s Love in Our Weaknesses
Beth Graham | 3-29-2020

In this week’s message we look at how the disciples were SO SURE that they would stick with Jesus, even when the going got rough… yet they didn’t! They didn’t know their own weaknesses or the deceitfulness of their own hearts. However, Jesus did, and loved them still. See how God loves you and me in the midst of all our broken promises, imperfections, and failings, and how that love can change us forever.

The Season of Lent
Allowing God to Wash Your Feet
Jason Bowman and Ryan Carrier

This week we look at another memorable moment in Jesus’ last week of ministry on earth: Jesus washing the disciple’s feet at the Last Supper. The disciples had such a hard time with this – we hear many “Yes Jesus, buts!” We have a special treat as our Governing Board members will be bringing the message to us.

The Season of Lent: The Hope of Heaven

What do we look forward to more: our next vacation or Jesus’ coming back? Jesus is coming back and this fact is one of the greatest hopes of our Christian life. Come and be reminded how our lives here are just an instant, a fading glory compared to the wonder of what is to come!