Life Together: Finding God’s Life Through Each Other

Beth Graham | 4-14-2019

Life Together.  We are called God’s bride, and we are precious to Him. How wonderful to be part of something so much bigger than ourselves. Life is found in the presence of God by being with each other.

Life Together:
Ordinary People
Living Through an Extraordinary God

Beth Graham | 4-7-2019

So many regular people made a difference in the life of the church and the spread of the gospel. Pastor Beth will introduce us to some of these important, ordinary people in Acts, and how we, like them, can make a difference for God. 

Life Together:
Living Outside Our Comfort Zones

Jason Bowman | 3-31-2019

Listen as Jason Bowman shows how the church grew dramatically even amidst challenges and persecution. In our own lives, explore how God often works most actively when we feel outside of our comfort zones.

Life Together: Looking Ahead

Beth Graham | 3-24-2019

Listen to a testimony from one of our members, Dave Morett, and hear about how a real faith centered on Jesus can transform our lives.

Pastor Beth will also speak about the Christians in the book of Acts and their fearless and passionate witness to Jesus. You will also get a sneak preview of 2019 and the messages we will be sharing together throughout the year. 

Life Together:
Devoted to Each Other

Beth Graham | 3-17-2019

Listen to how the first churches were devoted to one another – spending time together, learning together, giving to one another and taking care of one another. Envision the blessing it can be to your life to be part of a church family like that!

Life Together:
Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Beth Graham | 3-10-2019

Enter into the amazing scene of Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit on the church. We will learn together about how we can be a church that is filled, guided, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Life Together: A Vision for Real Life

Beth Graham | 3-3-2019

Real Life Together: True relationships, true purpose, and to be authentically growing, empowered, and passionate for God. This is the vision God has for His church: the body of Christ, alive with His Spirit and His presence.