You Are Beloved – Given Matt Turner 12-23-2018

We were chosen, blessed and broken so that God could give us to the world as His beloved children. In the giving, God desires us to join Him in the redemption of the world. We are a blessing given to the world around us. What an important message for us in these days as we celebrate the baby Jesus who was given to us, blessed and then broken, in order that we might find life. Listen as Pastor Matt looks at being Given by God.

Beloved: Chosen Matt Turner 12-02-2018

Matt Turner | 12-02-2018

Pastor Matt begins the Advent Season with our new series- Life of the Beloved. The series is based on the book of the same name by Henri Nouwen. Our goal is to find the secret to living the life of the Beloved in the secular world we live in today.  Listen and hear how God sees you as His Beloved.