Rachel Sanchez

Children’s Pastor
E-mail: kids@hillsidechurch.org

Words that describe Rachel

Loyal, kind, goofy, intentional

What does Rachel do at Hillside

I am currently the Children’s Pastor here at Hillside. I love working with kids, and stewarding well the youngest hearts and minds at our church. Jesus welcomed them with open arms and so do we! I am passionate about seeing kids grow in their faith and knowledge of Jesus at all their different stages from birth to 5th grade. It is a privilege and a joy of mine to serve our kids.

 Favorite things to do

I’ve been known to read a really good book in one day. I love baking delicious cookies (or anything really). I’m always down to spend quality time with family and friends, and I love to watch Hallmark Christmas movies (even when it’s not Christmas).

Favorite things on TV

The Bachelor, This is Us, A Million Little Things, The Good Doctor, and reruns of Friends

Fun Fact

I tend to be pretty quiet and reserved when you first meet me, but all my close friends and family can attest to the fact that I’m silly and outgoing in my truest form and I love to have a good time!