Marianne Compton

Bookkeeper/Office Administrator

Words that describe Marianne

Energetic, Joyful, Organized

What Marianne does at Hillside Church

I am so excited to join the Hillside Family as the Bookkeeper/Administrator for the Church and Little Sparrows Nursery School. I am thrilled to be embraced by the caring and compassionate staff and community here.

Favorite things to do

Enjoy time with my family, working outdoors gardening and when it’s raining or I’m too sore to do anything else, I enjoy stamping cards for my family and friends.

Favorite Things on TV

Friends, Seinfeld, Big Bang, Mom

Fun Facts

I run my own business and was looking for something new and came across the ad for this job and thought it would be a nice challenge, and it certainly has been a fun challenge to this point!