Indestructible Faith
Beth Graham | 6-28-2020

Do you ever wish you had a really strong faith? A faith that could withstand hardship, persecution, conflicts, and uncertainties? A faith that pursues God and finds peace, that does not give in to fear, that trusts God in all circumstances and that brings goodness and justice into the world?  We need an INDESTRUCTIBLE faith! We are going to learn from the experts – those saints listed in Hebrews 11 in what is often called the “Hall of Faith.”

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The Psalms of Intimacy
Beth Graham | 6-7-2020

One of the deepest longings of the human heart is for intimacy. We hunger for relationship with someone who knows us well and with whom we can be open and free. As we finish up our series on the Psalms this week we will see the psalmists boldly express their unabashed love and intimacy with God, and learn how we may enter into such closeness with Him ourselves. May God awaken our thirst for Him!

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Finding God in the midst of Challenges
Beth Graham | 4-19-2020

There is no doubt that we are in challenging times! Our challenges are all quite different – some are overwhelmed and busy, others are bored and stir-crazy at home; some are weary and fearful, others are sick and fighting for life. The question is, Where is God in all this? How do we find Him in the midst of our struggles? Is He here for us in these challenging times? Let’s find out together!