Matt Turner

Lead Pastor

Words that describe Matt:

Out of the box, unique, passionate and a little off center

What Matt does at Hillside:

Matt leads the church staff and family to fulfill the overall mission which God has given us as a family and each of us as individuals. Matt loves his job as shepherd and teacher. Matt and his family feel tremendously blessed with the joy of serving the Hillside Family.

Favorite things to Do:

Matt loves to cook and then to watch people eat the yummie goodness. He also loves to exercise (to work off all the yummie goodness) Matt loves to read and play video games with his son Austin (who gets great pleasure out of killing his dad in games).

Favorite Things on TV:

Texas Rangers or Texas Longhorns on TV and recorded Big Bang Theory

Fun Facts:

Matt does not like chocolate or peanut butter, and yet one of his favorite candies is the Reese Peanut Butter Cup! Matt has also swam from Alcatraz to the shore of San Francisco, and he thinks he can talk to dogs.