Doreen Semple

Little Sparrows Nursery School Director

Words that describe Doreen:

Humorous, Encouraging, Honest, Prayerful

What Doreen Does at LSNS:

Doreen’s expertise is in the area of early childhood development with over 25 years of experience teaching and working as the director. She has had proven success in the areas of curriculum development, staff training, supervision and teaching. Doreen’s passion is in teaching practical ways for parents to raise their children according to their individual temperaments.

Favorite things to do:

Reading, cooking and spending time with her beautiful family.

Favorite Things on TV:

Fixer Upper, & The Big Bang Theory

Fun Facts:

While vacationing in France, I jumped off a moving train and ran after the train that I needed to be on. I threw my luggage onto the moving train, jumped on and then had to pull my sister onto the train.