Beth Graham

Campus Pastor

Words that describe Beth

High-energy, joyful, faithful, real

What Beth does at Hillside

I am happy to have the privilege of leading Hillside at this time! I have been at this church for many years and love this church family with all my heart. I am thankful to have the opportunity to lead, teach, work with our wonderful staff, and empower people to grow in their faith and passion for Jesus. We are a church with a wonderful history of being a “light on the hill” – we will continue to be that light as we follow Jesus and put Him first in everything we do!

Favorite things to do:

Beth loves to do jigsaw puzzles and eat good food, especially anything involving chocolate! She also loves taking bike rides and watching movies with her family.

Favorite things on TV:

The Crown, Downton Abbey, The Good Place, Parks & Recreation, Anne with an “E”

Fun Facts:

When they were about to be married, Beth and her husband, Paul, told God that they’d move anywhere but would rather not go to the NYC metro area. Every door to anywhere else was subsequently shut and they’ve been living in Westchester County for over 30 years. They learned a valuable lesson about not telling God what they don’t want to do…