Amanda Leininger

Worship and Youth Director

Words that describe Amanda

Creative, fun-loving, deep

What Amanda does at Hillside

I am currently working part time as the Worship and Youth Director. I am passionate about both seeing the church worship together as a family as we respond to Gods grace in our life as well as walking with teens through this journey of life as they figure out who God has created them to be. I absolutely love my job and am so blessed to be apart of the Hillside Family.

Favorite things to do:

Play guitar, write music, travel, go on spontaneous adventures and be outdoors.

Favorite things on TV:


Fun Facts:

I lived overseas for 7 months. I am a natural redhead. I was born in California, raised in Iowa and currently living in New York. I was called to ministry in high school and love that I get to do real life ministry while working towards my degree.